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2018 Science Summer Institute School Improvement through Local Curriculum Development (3-day Institute)
Science Summer Institute 2016 Achieving Alignment in Local Curricula (2-day Institute)
Regional Professional Development 2015-2016 Constructing Explanations in Science: Linking Claims Evidence and Reasoning

Summer Institute 2015 Professional development to create standards-based curriculum with strategic conversations on achieving alignment with daily lesson planning and the formative assessment process. (4-day Institute)

Regional Professional Development 2014-2015 Deconstructing Standards to Write Clear Learning Targets (1-day Workshop)

Regional Professional Development 2013-2014 Argument in the Science Classroom: Understanding of the Claims-Evidence-Reasoning model and the Science Writing Heuristic (2-day Workshop)

Summer Institute 2013 Rolling Out the Reasons for Engaging in Scientific Argumentation

Other DPI PresentationsIncludes Non-Formal Educator Meetings and Conference Presentations