Argument in the Science Classroom
*To prepare for the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 RESA Institutes:
1. Review the Summer Institute 2013 presentation and documents -
2. IF you have a copy of Negotiating Science (that was given to participants in Summer Institute 2013), please bring it with you. We will have loaner copies for those who need them.
3. Bring your laptop computer or tablet.

By the end of this session participants will...
  1. Engage in activities for a deeper understanding of the Claims-Evidence-Reasoning model and the Science Writing Heuristic.
  2. Build on summer training to refine classroom instructional plans to improve student learning.
  3. Link activities to NC Professional Teaching Standards, Common Core Literacy Standards and A Framework for K-12 Science Education.

Agenda - Day 1

Downloadable Files
Welcome, Objectives and Introductions
PowerPoint Presentation- slides 1-4

Summer Institute Basics-
  • Claims-Evidence-Reasoning (Cl-Ev-R) Model
  • Science Writing Heuristic (SWH)
  • Linking Science, Math and ELA practices
slides 5-10

2013 Summer Institute Handouts:
  • Cl-Ev-R Poster & Analysis Template
  • SWH Template
  • Triple Venn Diagram- Common Core & Science Practices

Digging Deeper
slides 11-17

Handout #1- SWH Unit Form

Handout #2-A Concept Map of Concept Maps

Reference Customized CTS Guide wikipage for NC Ecosystems
Strand and K-12 Essential Standards Excel file or Life Science Domain pdf

Handout #3-Two Stars and a Wish


Planning Strategies

slides 19-32
Handout #4- Rotting Apple Teacher Notes- Reference Uncovering
Student Ideas in Science (Vol.3) pgs. 140-145

Reference Handout #1- SWH Unit Form

Reflection and Closure

slides 33-34

Agenda - Day 2

Downloadable Files
Welcome, Review of Objectives,& Reflections of Day 1
slides 35-36
Square, Circle, Triangle Responses

Instructional Planning (continued):
Student Scaffolding Tools &
Summary Writing Experiences
slides 37-44

Handout #5- SWH Tool:Data Chart for Note Taking

Handout #6- SWH Tool:Group Notes

Reference Negotiating Science book p. 157-162


Assessing and Refining Practices
slides 46-49
Handout #7- Matrix_SWH

Handout #8- Matrix_Sec1_Dialogical Interactions

Handout #9- Matrix_Sec2_Focus of Learning'

Handout #10- Matrix_Sec3_Connections

Handout #11- Matrix_Sec4_Science Argument

Planning for PD
slides 50-51

Reference Negotiating Science book Appendix G (p.208)

Closure and Evaluations
slides 52-53