NC Standard Course of Study Resources

Grade 6-8 Science Essential Standards

Unpacked Content Grade 7

Assessment Examples Grades 6-8

Lesson Resources

6-8 Resources
Use the alignment document to units and lessons written for the 2004 SCOS objectives

Secondary Literacy Resources

Formative Assessment Probe Alignment

Formative Assessment Probe Alignment

Quick Reference Curriculum Guide

Additional Resources

K-12 Resources
  • NC Science LiveBinder
  • K-12 Vertical Look at the Science Standards
  • Strand Maps
  • NC Science Customized Curriculum Topic Study Guides
  • Graphic Organizer Examples
  • Glossary of Terminology
  • Additional information about Formative Assessment Probe books
  • NC Testing and Accountability
  • Next Generation Science Standards

Safety Resources
Science and Safety: Making the Connection