Grades 6-8 Resources & 2004 Science Units

6th -8th Grade Unit Alignment Resources:
Clarifying Objectives not Addressed in 2004 Curriculum Units

8th Grade Unit Alignment

7th Grade Unit Alignment

6th Grade Unit Alignment


Unit 1- Using Technology to Study Our World

Unit 2- Matter All Around Us

Unit 3- Amazing Water

Unit 4- Exploring Earth's Oceans

Unit 5- Protecting Our Waters

Unit 6- Our Changing Earth

Unit 7- Chemical Impact

Unit 8- Cellular Sensation

Unit 9- There's A Small World Out There

Unit 10- Technology for a Better Tomorrow

GRADE 8 PowerPoint Presentations


Wonders of Weather Resource WIKI

...a K-8 resource site for teaching and learning about weather.

Unit 1- Motion & Forces

Unit 2- Human Body

Unit 3- Weather & Climate

Unit 4- Heredity & Genetics

Unit 1- Energy and the Universe

Unit 2- Solar Sensations

Unit 3- Our Unique Planet

Unit 4- Ecosystem Interactions

Unit 5- Population Dynamics

Unit 6- Energetic Waves of Energy