AP2Kicon.jpgScience Summer Institute 2015
Professional Development to create standards-based curriculum with strategic conversations on achieving alignment with daily lesson planning and the formative assessment process.

In preparation for the workshop:

1. Download and/or print the Workshop Guide (WSG) and Standards-based Unit Planning Framework (UT)

2. Read the introduction and overview pages 1-11.

3. Bring your pacing guides and materials you have used to teach your grade level or course.

Workshop Guide (WSG)

Standards-based Unit Planning Framework (UT)
Sample Unit Planning Template

Individual Planning Templates
Example Units, Weekly & Daily Lesson Plans

Workshop Agenda:

Daily Schedule: 8:30 - 4:30 Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 (not provided) Team Planning: 4:00 - 4:30

Day 1 Workshop Objectives

Time / Activity


  • Describe the structure of a standards-based curriculum.

  • Explain the four fundamental questions that guide the development of standards- based curriculum.

  • Explain the nature of standards and objectives.

  • ‘Tag' standards and clarifying objectives in the NCSCOS for Science based on Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.

  • Select a standard and clarifying objective to focus on during this Institute.

  • Develop assessments for clarifying objectives.

8:30am - Registration, Team Time, Question & Answer (Q & A)

9:00am - Overview of the Four Fundamental Questions of Curriculum Design with Revised Bloom's Taxonomy (RBT)

Workshop Presentation Slides- Day 1

With presenter notes

Workshop Guide(WSG)

Example Assessment Item Types

lunch 12:00-1:00pm

  • Complete a sketch for an annual plan.

  • Begin to develop a unit plan.

  • Connect alignment processes to standards based unit development.

1:00pm - Theory to Practice - Standards-based Curriculum Development

  • Annual Instructional Plan

  • The Learning Question - Steps 1-5

  • Independent/Group Working Time - Steps 1-5

4:00-4:30pm - Daily Reflection & Evaluation / Team Planning

Standards-based Unit Planning Framework(UT)

Individual Planning Templates

Wiki Resources:

Unpacked Content

Customized Curriculum Topic Study Guides

Day 2 Workshop Objectives

Time / Activity


  • Deconstruct standards to identify learning targets.

  • Write assessments for learning targets.

  • Create an instructional sequence that addresses a clarifying objective and its learning targets.

8:30am - Sign-In, Team Time, Q & A

9:00am - Standards-based Curriculum Development (continued)

  • Day 1 "Rapid Review"

  • Deconstructing the Standard to identify learning targets - Step 6 and the RBT Knowledge Dimension

  • The Assessment Question - assessment of learning targets

  • The Instruction Question - sequencing learning targets, methods of assessment, and learning experiences; Steps 7a-c

  • Independent/Group Working Time - Steps 6 - 7

Workshop Presentation Slides - Day 2

With presenter notes



Personal/district planning materials and resources

Handout: A Checklist for Incorporating Good Teaching Practices into Curriculum Units

lunch 12:00-1:00pm

  • Complete Standards based Unit Steps 8-10: culminating activities, the taxonomic map of the unit, and a Unit Overview.

  • Complete an annual plan.

  • Create learning targets and success criteria and frame them in student friendly language.

  • Continue to develop a unit plan

1:00pm - Standards-based Curriculum Development (continued)

  • Overview of Steps 8-10:

    • Culminating Activity and Scoring Rubric -Step 8;

    • Check for Alignment - Step 9;

    • Write a Unit Overview - Step 10

  • Daily Instruction and the Formative Assessment Process

    • Learning Targets and Student friendly language

    • Criteria for Success

    • Collecting and Documenting Evidence

    • Possible Misconceptions

  • Independent/Group Working Time

4:00-4:30pm - Daily Reflection & Evaluation / Team Planning



Personal/district planning materials and resources

Link to Workshop Agenda Day 3-4